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Our Curriculum Pathways are focussed very purposefully on Level 3 BTEC qualifications but each year we look at whether certain A-level courses should be offered, in particular Maths and English.

Kings is focussed on preparing young people for university, advanced training or employment and BTEC qualifications have a much greater likeness to continuous work-related learning than the typical end of year examination of traditional A-levels.  As a result, we believe they are better suited to what we want to provide for our students.

We currently offer six distinct pathways each one committing the student to a Full Diploma in the pathway subject and a choice of any other. We will try everything we can to ensure all students can study the very best fit courses for them and will change our offer each year dependent on the needs of the students.






BTEC Applied Science


BTEC Business



Performing Arts

BTEC Dance


BTEC Sport


GCSE Maths & English



Child Development

GCSE Child Development

A Full Diploma is the equivalent to two A-Levels and as such we would expect students to take no more than two subjects allowing them to fully specialise in an area most suited to their future career plans. The over-riding benefit of BTEC qualifications is the modular basis of each one meaning students can adjust the size of each qualification dependant on the difficulties they face in studying it. Please see the UCAS Tariff table in the Next Steps Section.

Students that we believe would be better served following a traditional A-Level route are encouraged to apply to one of the many other sixth form providers. However, each year we always welcome a number back that made the move and subsequently realised the excellent specialist teaching, support and encouragement of Kings is too good to leave behind.

If a student finds themselves in this situation we can only urge them to get in contact with us sooner rather than later and by October 10th at the latest.

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Students from Year 7-11 took part in the Guildford regional heat of Rock Challenge at G Live last week.
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