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Ethos and Values


Kings College sits very much at the heart of the local community. We are an inclusive school that believes that every child is an individual and that every child can make significant progress.  

In order to succeed, we aim to build confidence and academic resilience so that students are comfortable taking intellectual risks and trying new things. We believe that this confidence will be established in an environment where pupils are:

  • praised when they have succeeded or tried hard
  • encouraged to make mistakes, but learn from them and use that learning on the path towards future success
  • extended with learning that is challenging but attainable
  • aware of the purpose of their learning and the criteria for success
  • able to access a wide range of extracurricular opportunities


At Kings College, we aim to provide an environment which:


  • enables each child’s self-esteem and confidence to grow
  • enables each child to develop academically, morally, socially and physically
  • is caring and safe
  • is motivating and challenging
  • makes everyone feel welcomed, valued and respected


Children have the right to be protected, cared for and have the best outcomes. Safeguarding is a priority and we teach our young people how to keep themselves safe and healthy. We try to model respectful relationships that support the development of positive character traits and emotional intelligence. We aim to develop rounded, happy and fulfilled young people who are well prepared for future learning and careers.

Our Year 7s recently helped to relay woodchip on a local pathway for the benefit of the local community.
This is an opportunity for us to come together to update our resources and ensure that students have the chance to engage with up to date books.