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Kings College Governors

Message from the Chair of Governors
Anna Wright

We are a strong and committed governing body with great links with our community. We spend a lot of time in the school supporting our skilled, caring and able staff. We have recently worked in partnership with staff, students and parents to develop a vision for our College.  Our vision is that in 2020 we will be proud to be a school which:
• Is the first choice for parents, students and staff
• Has confident and ambitious students, well prepared for success
   in the 21st century
• Has a strong and engaged community
• Helps students make outstanding progress
• Values every individual.

We have made a great start in this journey. We have a culture that values every individual student. We have the ability to give each student personal attention so that we can  understand their strengths and aspirations so that we can help them succeed. We listen carefully to what our students tell us about how we can improve the school.

Our students tell us that they recognise that teachers go the extra mile to support them, and that they feel cared for and supported in a very safe environment. Our students' attainment is increasing and in particular our students' progress is improving to match that in other schools. 

We want to open up our school more to the community and we will be working with our parents and carers over the next year to find out how the community can make more use of our premises. 

Chair of Governing Body  
Anna Wright
Community Governors
Harri ap Rees
Simon Allen
Nick Halder
Cllr Fiona White
Julia McShane
Misty Bower                                          
Parent Governors
Jackie Boyton
Trevor Spraggs

Staff Governors
Lucy Hatch
Sue Rogoyski

Clerk to the Governing Body
Bridget Naylor

Governance overview - September 2016
Governing Body Membership 2016 - 17

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