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courses and curriculum


Kings College offers a bespoke and highly inclusive curriculum from Year 7 to the Sixth Form.  


As students enter Kings College in Year 7 we focus on strengthening the underlying skills of literacy, numeracy and an enriching personal and social development programme.  This is partnered with a deliberately challenging Year 7 curriculum content delivered by expert and inspirational staff. 


The Curriculum at Kings College is designed to be demanding, challenging, broad and balanced. Taught with an emphasis on active learning, problem-solving, development of interactive group work and the expert use of questioning to develop students' higher order thinking skills. 


What do we set out to achieve?

To ensure that our curriculum provision and curriculum design:

  • Facilitates excellent academic outcomes for learners
  • Supports the needs of all learners
  • Improves student experience and engagement
  • Promotes relevance and makes learning exciting

What does this really look like?

  • A banding structure in all years with accelerate streams
  • Additional supportive provision in Years 7 and 8
  • Structured intervention and personalised support across all year groups
  • Opportunities to begin GCSEs early in some subjects
  • Lots of opportunities for personalisation.  Option processes for Year 8 to 9, Year 9 into 10, and Year 10 into 11


The KS3 Curriculum (Year 7-9) for students aged 11-14

Year 7 & 8 

Students in Years 7 and 8 study a wide-ranging and enriching curriculum.  Students are taught in a variety of groups, according to best practice recommended by the latest educational research.  Some of the groups are set based on ability; others are mixed ability.  This combination promotes development for all.  

Year 9 

As students move from Year 8 into 9 we offer an exciting range of options for our students. Students are able to select five of their preferred subjects to study in one year or six month blocks.  This exciting addition to our curriculum promotes engagement and a love of learning.  It also provides excellent, in-depth, insight into courses that they may wish to study.

The KS4 Curriculum (Year 10-11) for students aged 14-16

Kings prides itself on the varied Key stage 4 curriculum.  The pathways model allows for a truly personalised education that meets the needs of all students.  Students are able to choose subjects that allow the EBACC to be reached together with a compliment of enriching and challenging additional qualifications.


The Key Stage 4 curriculum falls into two broad categories: a core curriculum, studied by all students in line with the National Curriculum, and options that allow students to express and develop their own interests or career choices.



Students are all given the opportunity to study a GCSE course in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (PERL) and follow a compulsory and innovative PE programme based upon national recommendations. Citizenship is covered through the PSHE programme delivered weekly in students form groups.

Parents who prefer to withdraw their child from religious instruction (PERL) at the College may do so by writing to the Principal.