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GCSE exam results a story of success
Friday 6 September 2019
Results Day 1 (cropped)
Year 11 alumni from Kings ended the summer celebrating their tremendous achievements.    

8% of students achieved the prestigious Grade 9 in their GCSEs examinations - a grade designed to reward the very brightest and best students across the country. These included:

  • Layla Tarling (Grade 9 in English language, Religious Studies, History and and 4 further grade 8s)
  • Eric Taylor (Grade 9 in Maths, Physics and 5 further grade 8s)
  • Jude Staniforth (Grade 9 in English Language and 3 further grade 8s)
  • Lara Kelland (Grade 9 in English Literature and 4 further grade 8s)
  • Kayleigh Brison (Grade 9 in English Literature and 3 further grade 8s)

The school's Progress 8 figure (the benchmark used nationally to demonstrate progress across 8 subjects, including English and Maths) has risen significantly, and is likely to see the school named as one of the country's most improved academic schools.

Those who arrived with high prior attainment at Key Stage 2 SATS made excellent progress, well above national averages, as did girls, who made around a third of a grade more progress in all subjects against national averages.

We were also delighted with the progress of students who found Key Stage 2 more challenging and those with special educational needs - both of these groups made significant progress above national averages.

The positive and focused culture, ethos and atmosphere and of the school allows young people to thrive, and we continue to welcome the colleagues from schools around the country who come and see the excellent quality of teaching, the immense pride of the students and the high quality facilities that support this success.