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HMI Visit Feedback
Friday 5 January 2018
PP review pic
Kings were pleased to welcome back Kathryn Moles (HMI) and her colleague Stuart Edwards (OFSTED Inspector) for their second monitoring visit.

The letter, confirming the significant improvements, can be found in the "About Us" section of the website on the “OFSTED” page. Whilst we have more to do to fully realise the academic and pastoral excellence we strive for, we remain on course to meet our target of being re-categorised as “good” before the end of the academic year. As ever, our thanks to parents, students, staff and the wider community for their support.

There is a brief extract below:

“Pupils’ attitudes to learning have improved notably, as a result of teachers’ raised expectations. Around the school, lessons are calm and purposeful. Pupils now expect to work hard and come to school equipped for learning. They value having the time to complete their work, which improves their self-esteem as well as their knowledge and understanding. They typically show care and pride in their work, and complete homework regularly. Their work shows that they are making progress over time.”