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As we approach the end of the 2018 academic year, it is a great time to reflect upon the significant improvement journey we have undertaken as a school.  Changes inside the classroom have been profound and the quality of work that students are completing is testament to the skilful teaching they receive and their own commitment to self-improvement.

Since our OFSTED in December 2016 we have been visited by the HMI team on three occasions and their letters, published on our website, document a journey of rapid improvement. I have been delighted by the commitment, passion and vigour shown by staff, students and parents as we work collectively to ensure a fantastic educational experience for all.

Mr McKenzie

June 2018

Student leadership

Students are passionate about their school and the role they have in improvement. Interviews will start shortly for Year 11 Head Boy and Head Girl and Year 9 Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. They will be ably supported by a student council and prefect team with an independent budget and decision making powers. We look forward to working with this creative and determined team.

Whole school reading and language development

Our approach to students reading for pleasure continues - there will be some extremely exciting announcements on this before the summer holidays.

Our innovative approach to developing academic vocabulary is explained in full in the blog entitled “Direct Vocabulary Instruction” on the website. Students are able to use the vocabulary with fluency and confidence, and it is no longer a surprise to hear students in Year 7 casually using words like ‘subjugate’ in History or English, or Year 10 Drama students talking about ‘ethereal’ performances, or Music students describing a musical piece as ‘mellifluous’.

Review of Pupil Premium expenditure

In the last few weeks (June 2018) we have had our second external review of Pupil Premium expenditure. Miss Wallis, Vice Principal, leads our Pupil Premium strategy. Once again, we are pleased to be able to share some of the findings:

“The improvement in outcomes is significant.”

“(Governance) is a real strength and the school has much to offer partner schools in the development of their practice and Governor expertise.”

With regards underachievement “it is the relentless and rigorous attention to detail and quick response that characterises the school’s work in this area.”

“Students speak well of their school…they would recommend Kings. They all identify improvements in behaviour, learning, aspirations and the expectations teachers have of them.”

“The impact of the work with the University of Surrey is evident. Students talked about improved aspirations…they talked knowledgeably about their options and tailoring these to their future aspirations. They appreciate the school’s support and feel they have a full range of options open to them in the future.”

Review of SEN provision

Our external review of SEN provision in March 2018 was a great success, with the report talking of “trail blazing” initiatives and “exemplary” Governor involvement. We believe that all teachers are teachers of SEN and their use of individualised Pupil Passports to effectively meet the needs of learners has been excellent. Our dedicated team of Teaching Assistants do a wonderful job of supporting students and ensuring they are successful in their learning.


Our favourite way to recognise the positive attitudes that have become the norm at Kings is to reward students for their hard work. Indeed, we have given over 13,000 reward points and cards already this year. In addition, 25 students have received Amazon or restaurant vouchers to celebrate exceptional work they have produced in class or homework. The culmination of a fantastic year will be on Wednesday 27th June at our annual Celebration Evening. We look forward to celebrating achievement with students, staff and parents alike.


Our core behavioural principles are our 6 “We are here to learn so we…” statements. This has been reduced from 7 as behaviours have improved.

Students are proud of the improvements in this area, with exclusions down 29% and removals from lessons down by over 40% since the start of the year. Our system is simple, consistent and effective. My thanks to parents for their continued support.


Thanks to the support of parents, and the tireless work of Mrs Percy, our attendance has risen from 93.6% last year to 94.4% this year. Against a national picture of rising persistent absence, this has reduced significantly at Kings and continues to do so. Well done to everyone who battles colds and coughs.

We look forward to welcoming prospective parents and students to visit the school during the autumn term.
Le Brun 3
We are delighted to announce that Mr Le Brun has won a national ‘Secondary Teacher of the Year’ award.