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physically disabled centre

The Physically Disabled Centre (PDC) caters for the physical and learning needs of up to 6 students. This is a unique resource to Kings where specialist support and provision is available for students with a physical disability (wheelchair user or otherwise). Students who have a EHCP for their physical disability may apply to be supported by the PDC. Sporting events and residential trips - without parents - are organised by the PDC. 


What support does the PDC offer? 

Specialist facilities includes trained staff to support students throughout the day. It also provides physiotherapy, which takes place in the physiotherapy room, and access to a range of outside agencies.


Do physically disabled students work in

the PDC? 

Students are timetabled to attend all lessons. They may work in the PDC when they are taking exams, 
and doing coursework catch-up etc.


What support can be offered when students join? 

Support in lessons is timetabled in all core subjects, PE and practical Design & Technology lessons.  Levels of support will vary for each individual depending on their needs. In all cases, the SEND Team liaises closely with parents, carers, students and teachers.


How will my child find their way round the College? 

A buddy system is put in place at the start. Form Tutors will organise a buddy each day to support during movement time when students use the lift and pass through classrooms.  When students have made friends they can choose who they would like to be their buddy.


How will my child get to lessons on time? 

Physically disabled students carry a permission to leave lessons 5 minutes early card and are accompanied by their buddy or a TA.


How will my child buy their food in the Canteen? 

A member of staff is available in the PDC throughout the day to assist; the Canteen is based next to the PDC.


Will my child have support during breaks?

Many of our students chose to access the canteen or playground during breaks with or without additional support. Students can also invite a friend in to the PDC during breaks; the PDC is a safe haven where students can relax, play games, read or chat.


How can I find out if Kings College may be suitable for my child? 

Tours for prospective parents/carers can be arranged throughout the year and Taster Mornings and afternoons are offered to transition students.


How do I apply for a place for my child at Kings College?

Admission to the Physically Disabled Centre is based upon the availability of spaces in the first instance. Students with ECHPs with a disability which has a significant and long-term impact on their everyday life, are encouraged to contact the College to arrange an individual visit with relevant staff and to apply to the College in consultation with their Case Worker at the Local Authority.


Who should I contact if I need further information?  

Mrs M Robberts and Miss K Denslow are the SENCOs and oversee the PDC.  

Please send an email if you require further information to:

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