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learning at home

SAM Learning

All students have access to SAM Learning. This is a fantastic online resource for students to revise, practise, see model answers and get immediate feedback. It covers all subjects and year groups.

We recommend all students to spend time on there each week and award spot prizes to those who access it most frequently.


Learning outside the classroom

We recognise both the academic and non-academic merits of learning outside the classroom for our pupils.  For our younger students in Key Stage 3, homework is used to reinforce the basic skills and knowledge learned in class, to foster positive attitudes toward learning and to instil the academic behaviours and character traits that will help them find success in their GCSEs and beyond.  As students mature into Key Stage 4, homework focuses more on knowledge acquisition and retention to accelerate academic achievement.  Students at this age are guided to be more independent in preparation for their examinations and future pathways.  For pupils of any age, the completion of regular homework also gives parents the opportunity to stay informed of and actively support the progress of their child.

Teachers will assign homework for the following reasons:

• to review and practice knowledge and skills acquired in class;

• to encourage more in-depth exploration of topics introduced in class;

• to apply skills they’ve learned in class to new situations;

• to prepare for future classes;

• to develop student self-discipline and personal organisation; and

• to encourage independent study.

We understand that homework can be a cause of concern as children transition into secondary school.  To support learning outside the classroom, Kings offers the following advice:

Use the planner

Encouraging your child to use their planner is a great way to help them stay organised and to instil academic behaviours.  Each student is responsible for recording the details of their homework in their planner to help them keep track of their assignments.  We ask that parents support this habit by signing their child’s homework and signing their planner each week.  The planner is also a useful learning resource that includes suggested reading lists, literacy and numeracy support, world maps, a periodic table and more that can be used to support your child’s learning outside the classroom.

Set a routine

Students will receive regular homework assignments and are expected to be learning outside the classroom on a daily basis, so it’s important to establish a routine for when and where homework is completed.  If possible, parents should set up a quiet, comfortable study area with good lighting and the school supplies that pupils need.    Making homework part of a daily routine will help your child develop strong study habits that will set them up for success in school and beyond.

Seek support

We understand that homework is often challenging.  To help your child overcome any difficulties they may encounter, encourage them to bring their assignments to the Kings Library after school for Homework Club.  The Library has plenty of computers, useful books and staff available to help.  Form tutors and subject specialists are also great resources from whom your child can seek support.