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Staff & Pastoral Team

The Sixth Form is a very challenging period for a student's personal development as they crave the freedom of an adult but are not yet fully equipped with the independent study skills and self-discipline to manage the distractions that being a teenager can bring.

To this end we have a talented, broad and supportive tutor team of 15 staff that ensures each student has specific and dedicated one-to-one guidance at least once a fortnight. We endeavour to link staff up with students that may share their subject interest but fundamentally the key to good tutor support is about trust and acting as a champion for our students. As a result, our tutors are taken from the wider staff body including academic and support staff.

On top of this we meet as a whole Sixth Form each morning to register and meet once a week for a Sixth Form Positive Assembly. It is here that students are encouraged, along with staff, to share all the good things they have seen done by others that week. We believe an honest, inclusive and positive environment goes a long way to motivate and instil self-worth and value to all.

It is very much the philosophy of Kings Sixth Form that, whilst it is a very unique and special time in a students’ academic career, it is not in isolation from the broader Kings community.

Therefore, all students continue to be affiliated to one of the three vertical Houses

Phoenix           Hercules           Orion

All students have the opportunity to work with younger students, compete in a number of half termly house competitions and gain points for their own house through their contribution to the wider school and their commitment to their own academic work.

6th Form Leadership

Mark Enticknap

Mr M Enticknap
Head of Sixth Form

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Students from Year 7-11 took part in the Guildford regional heat of Rock Challenge at G Live last week.
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