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Welcome from the principal

Alastair McKenzie

Welcome to all of our students, both old and new, as we embark on what promises to be a purposeful and successful new academic year.

The summer holidays have been an opportunity to update and refresh our facilities and I’m sure that students and parents will be delighted with these changes.

We are pleased to welcome a number of new teachers and support staff into our community. I have no doubt that they will continue to support our students both academically and personally. Curriculum change continues apace with the new GCSE courses being taught in almost all subjects. Whilst challenging, they offer the rigour and opportunities for personal growth that are wanted by students, parents and teachers alike.

Our shift to longer lessons provides us all with the chance to increase the depth of our studies and a greater opportunity for practical work to sit alongside academic focus. It will take a little time to get used to, but will ultimately have a significant impact on student learning.

Our excellence awards continue as we focus on rewarding students for reaching new heights right across the curriculum. These awards are now embedded in our culture and it is wonderful to see the calibre of work being produced by our young people. It really does demonstrate just how far every individual can go with hard work, resilience and drive.

We continue with our unique alliances with the University of Surrey and the Royal Grammar School. Having seen the calendar for the year ahead, I am excited about the opportunities that are available to our students.

My thanks to all teachers, governors, parents and guardians for their support for the year ahead.

Mr McKenzie


We look forward to welcoming prospective parents and students to visit the school during the autumn term.
Le Brun 3
We are delighted to announce that Mr Le Brun has won a national ‘Secondary Teacher of the Year’ award.