Surrey Immunisation Team are offering a clinic at Kings on Friday 11th February for delivery of COVID vaccines, dose 1 and 2. Covid dose 2 can be given to children a minimum 12 weeks after dose 1.

Children in Years 7-11, and aged 12 to 15 years on 11th February are eligible.
They are asking parents to complete a new Covid consent form for their child to receive this vaccination, this will cover dose 1 and 2.

The Covid portal will close for all consents at 4pm on Thursday 3rd February. They are unable to accept any more consents after this deadline for this visit.
If a pupil has already received their vaccine or they have had a positive Covid PCR test in the 12 weeks prior to the school visit, they will not be able to receive the vaccine.

Please see the attached letter for full details. King’s College Covid Parent Letter 2022