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LOCAL Community

Our Local Community page has been created to share information about schemes and events which we feel may be of interest to families in our school who live in the local community.

Disclaimer: Links are provided for information only. Kings College Guildford has no responsibility for and can accept no liability with regard to any engagement by individuals with the schemes or events shared.


Joining in!

Joining In! is a project that supports community involvement across Guildford including Westborough and Park Barn. 

Managed by Voluntary Action South West Surrey and co-ordinated by David Rose it works by informing people of activities and events that take place in their local area and how they can get involved.

It does this through its website, booklets, posters and flyers, plus social media. In addition, it supports groups, organisations, school and churches who offer activities and things to do, by promoting them and their services and giving them good advice on best practices and raising funds. Joining in! also helps to run groups and hosts community events. 


Ready For Action will be back over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend, clearing overgrown gardens in the local area which are unsafe for children or unusable for vulnerable residents. For further information about how to volunteer or to request a job, please click here.


Project Aspire
Find out about the aims of Project Aspire and our plans to tackle social inequality in our borough.


Project Aspire is here because we believe every person matters - this fundamentally underpins all we do. We are committed with our partners to improving the lives of our residents.

Project Aspire is working with our diverse range of communities to strengthen the community fabric that makes Guildford a place where everyone is truly valued. We are focusing our efforts on our less advantaged communities and will continue to promote partnership solutions involving not only statutory agencies but most importantly the people who live here.

We will support communities to develop local solutions to local issues.

Find out about our Community Grants Scheme which offers funding for community projects and initiatives to benefit residents in the Park Barn and Westborough areas. 

We are determined to play our part in improving the health and well-being of our residents and to reduce social inequality and Project Aspire is about providing leadership, encouragement and support to all communities to build upon the talents and energy we see every day to build true communities where neighbours can rely on one another.

We will seek to empower all our communities to take an active role in the decisions that affect their lives.

Like the Project Aspire page on Facebook and see what's coming up over the next few months.


Park Barn & Westborough Community

The Park Barn & Westborough Community Association was set up back in 2007 as local residents wanted a slightly more formal approach in working together to make a difference. 

Meeting every two months local residents from all corners of the local area come together to discuss community needs. Everyone living locally is welcome. Contact us if you you like to get involved. 

The association members support the VISIBLE Communities ethos. The VISBILE Communities is a unique approach  to promoting quality and best practice in the community sector. It's based around a set of seven core principles that underpin strong, sustainable community organisations:

  • a voice to represent issues of local concern
  • an Independent and politically neutral organisation 
  • a service provider for local people
  • an initiator of projects to meet locally identified needs
  • a builder of partnerships with other local organisations and groups
  • a strong local network of people and organisations
  • a way to engage local people become active in their communities