Welcome to Kings College Guildford

Kings College is a proud, caring and friendly community of learners; one where we are committed to providing a high quality education. It is our aim to offer an outstanding experience to every student and to prepare them for a successful future in the 21st Century.

Alongside rigorous academic standards, we offer a strong pastoral system to support students as they develop into positive thinking and aspirational young adults. Our curriculum is modern, broad and balanced but rooted in a focus on English and Mathematics. We believe that learning should be purposeful and engaging and that by encouraging respect for each other and valuing the opportunities available, we grow and learn together.

Our unique partnership with the University of Surrey offers an innovative and nationally recognised programme, offering our students the award winning ‘Finding Our Futures’ pathway towards post-16 education or training. We also work alongside our colleagues at the Royal Grammar School Guildford, offering incredible opportunities for our most able students.

Key Information and Letters

Day 1 of the build of our incredible new garden with the team from @RHSWisley. This is a great project and will create an important space for students for the years ahead. https://t.co/uu3OfORFvE Kings_Guildford photo
Our students had a phenomenal morning enjoying a dance workshop on the show Lord of the Flies by dancers from Matthew Bourne's New Adventures.

#LordOfTheFlies https://t.co/I0d7KJ9rua
Kings_Guildford photo
After their last GCSE exam yesterday, we said goodbye to our Year 11 students with a BBQ and assembly. We have enjoyed watching them grow into amazing young adults over their 5 years at Kings, and wish them all the very best with their new ventures.
Next step - prom! 🤩🥳 https://t.co/imL8xgBjYN
Kings_Guildford photo
Congratulations to a group of Year 7 & 8 students who recently participated in the Junior Mathematics Challenge. They achieved Gold, Silver & Bronze awards. Well done to everyone who took part! 🎖 https://t.co/2ROmET874d Kings_Guildford photo
🚨Our open evening booking for 20th September 2022 is now live for families interested in joining the School in September 2023. Please click the link to book your place. https://t.co/1h2mCC4nWX https://t.co/PGbnUeuNz7 Kings_Guildford photo


Facilities Hire/ Lettings

Kings College has a variety of halls and classrooms that are available for hire.






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