A very warm welcome to all of our students and families, both old and new. Writing this at the start of the new 2020 academic year, we look ahead with excitement and optimism towards the forthcoming year.

Despite all of the changes in the wider world, I am delighted that even though our staff body remains consistent, our increased student numbers means that new teachers and teaching assistants join our growing community. I have no doubt that they will continue to support and challenge our students academically and personally. They join an incredibly successful team who have won national awards for teaching, written Amazon top selling books on pedagogy and had their work recognised in the House of Commons.

Our curriculum remains academically focused, with new GCSE courses now embedded in almost all subjects. Whilst challenging, they offer the rigour and opportunities for personal growth that are wanted by students, parents and teachers alike.

Our daily timetable with longer lessons provides us with the chance to increase the depth of our studies and a greater opportunity for practical work to sit alongside academic focus. They have been both popular and highly successful at improving the progress and outcomes of students throughout the school. Verified results showed that last year we were in the top 3% of the most academically improved schools in England. Our outgoing Year 11 cohort were looking forward to showing off their knowledge and understanding in their examinations before the COVID outbreak interrupted this.

Our Excellence Awards, presented in partnership with the University of Surrey continue as we focus on rewarding students for reaching new heights right across the curriculum. These awards are now embedded in our culture and it is wonderful to see the calibre of work being produced by our young people. It really does demonstrate just how far every individual can go with hard work, resilience and drive.

We continue with our award winning alliance with the University of Surrey and the Royal Grammar School. Having seen the calendar for the year ahead, I am excited about the opportunities that are available to our students.

Kings is an innovative and inspirational place to study and for children and staff to thrive. We look forward to welcoming you.

Mr McKenzie


Mr McKenzie