Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Intent

Kings College offers all pupils a broad, balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum focussed on providing appropriate challenge and bespoke support.  Our teachers utilise educational research to create academically engaging learning opportunities which focus on equipping pupils with the knowledge, skills and cultural capital necessary to facilitate excellent academic outcomes and success in life.

Our curriculum feeds into the broader Learning Partners curriculum intent, linked here.


All lessons at Kings are 100 minutes long to allow pupils the opportunity to learn our knowledge-rich curriculum in sufficient depth.  Students’ learning is sustained by a lesson structure that offers ‘remember’ tasks linked to prior learning and new, challenging learning opportunities which teachers ‘live model’.  Students are offered both verbal and written feedback to address misconceptions, improve their work and offer a ‘healthy struggle’ – a phrase we often use when challenging students to learn new things they may find difficult.  All pupils also receive homework every lesson which either focusses on embedding prior learning or preparing for work to come.


Learning in lessons is supported by the assessment system which uses regular low-stakes quizzing in class to both formatively assess but — perhaps more importantly — to embed knowledge in long-term memory by means of the ‘testing effect’.  Students are given the time to learn the knowledge and skills in depth and taught how to revise appropriately for each subject.  This is bookmarked by the school’s two summative assessment points where all pupils complete assessments under formal exam conditions.

Online and Remote Learning

Kings offers all students access to our Student Learning Environment where resources and pre-recorded lessons can be accessed from home should a student be absent from school.  We also offer students access to subject specific programs, such as SAM Learning, MyMaths and Tassomai.

Curriculum Subject Information

Key Stage 4 Subject Details

Please click here to view the KS4 Subject Details.


Supporting Learning

Kings College supports all students to fulfil their potential and every teacher at Kings are teachers of SEND students. Some students will also receive additional support through targeted interventions with specialist staff.  We work closely with students, parents/carers and external agencies to provide an holistic approach.

Through the use of individual pupil passports we identify strengths and potential barriers to learning so that all members of staff have a knowledge and understanding of every SEND student within the school.

We encourage parents to speak to our SENCO should you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress or learning needs.


Mrs J Snedden


Miss K Denslow


Miss H Laurie

Deputy SENCO

Miss J Hamilton

Pastoral Leader Year 7 & Year 8

Ms R. Francis

Pastoral Leader Year 9

Mrs N. Ward

Pastoral Leader Year 11