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Year 11 Period 4 schedule

Dear Year 11 Parents

The Year 11 Period 4 schedule has begun this year. Period 4s are specially targeted booster sessions for students which have proven to be very successful in supporting them as they get closer to their final exams.

Each student has been given a specific timetable, which has also been sent home to parents, and all students are required to attend their assigned classes.

This year there are some differences to way Period 4s are delivered.

There are three different methods of Period 4s being delivered.


  1. Online Period 4:

Maths – Wednesdays -SLE

History – Mondays –  SLE

English – Thursdays – SLE


Explanation : All of these are Zoom Lesson style sessions for all students with a key teacher linked to them for follow up questions and support.  The lessons are available on the SLE.


  1. Online and On Site:

Geography – Tuesdays

Science – Tuesdays

Explanation: These are targeted interventions for identified students run at school like a regular lesson from 3-4. If your student is not targeted for at-school p4 for these subjects they can still access the online lessons on the SLE.


  1. On Site Only:

Maths – Mondays – Further Maths Group

English – Thursdays – 1X1 tutoring

PE – Thursdays

Art – Monday s

French – Wednesdays

Explanation : these are targeted interventions for identified students only, they either focus on practical/coursework or are small group settings.


Any questions about Period 4s can be directed to Mr Stewart


Period 4 Timetable – Autumn Term

Monday Week 1 Tuesday Week 1 Wednesday Week 1 Thursday Week 1 Friday Week 1
History – SLE Science – SLE / On Site Maths – SLE PE – On Site
Art – On Site Geography – SLE / On Site French – On Site English – SLE

Eng 1×1 – On Site

Monday Week 2 Tuesday Week 2 Wednesday Week 2 Thursday Week 2 Friday Week 2
History – SLE Science – SLE / On Site Maths – SLE PE
Art – On Site Geography – SLE / On Site French – On Site English – SLE

Eng 1×1 – On Site

Kings College Year 11 Revision Timetable

Kings College Year 11 Revision Timetable

Deciding what to revise and how to do it is a difficult task for many Year 11 students. To help you on your journey, your teachers have organised a revision timetable with tasks to be completed once every two weeks as “extra” revision on top of your regular homework and Period 4 lessons. This revision is organised to engage your brain in the most productive way possible.

How To:

Over two weeks you should be spending one hour of extra revision per subject. This can be done whenever best suits you- but should be done in one hour blocks of time.

For example:

Week One you may choose to revise for:

English, Maths, and an Option Subject.

You would then turn to your timetable for the subject- and complete the 3 tasks set in the times provided (30 minutes, 20 minutes, and 10 minutes).

Revise and Reward:

Students who have completed revision tasks may share this with their form tutor who will enter them into a draw for Revision Rewards to be distributed each half term. They can be completed at any time- even if the originally scheduled week has passed- it is never too late to revise!

Oak Academy

Please open the pdf for your year group by clicking on the relevant link below.  Here you will find lessons organised by subject to be completed when absent from school.  These lessons have been aligned with our curriculum to help students stay on track when home isolating or absent from school for any reason.  


  1. Click to open the pdf. 

  2. Scroll to find the subject you’re looking for.  

  3. Choose a lesson and click the URL blue link.  

  4. Click ‘View in Classroom’ located under the lesson title. 

  5. Click ‘Start Lesson’. 


Year 7 Oak academy September 2022

Year 8 Oak academy September 2022

Year 9 Oak academy September 2022

Year 10 Oak academy September 2022

Year 11 Oak academy September 2022


If you have any issues with the above links please visit the general Oak Academy website and navigate from here; alternatively please contact Mr Ferguson on

Thank you.

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