At Kings College we take pride in ensuring every student receives exceptional pastoral care within a nurturing and supportive environment. “Work hard and be nice to people” underpins everything we do at Kings College through our house system, curriculum and extensive enrichment program.

When a new student arrives at Kings College, it is imperative that they immediately feel part of our community. Our skilled pastoral head and team of tutors ensure that the transition phase is successful with both students and families being supported.

Our house teams are supported by a youth worker, attendance officer and safeguarding lead who collectively ensure that pastoral care is tailored to personal needs and circumstance of every student at the various stages of their school career.

Youth Work at Kings College – The Eikon Charity

Kings College has an established partnership with The Eikon Charity – a Surrey based charity committed to supporting the well-being, aspirations and resilience of young people. Eikon has over 20 years of experience across Surrey delivering multiple approaches to engage young people with improved emotional well-being and resilience.

Eikon supports young people in school in the following ways:

  • Transition projects
  • Lunchtime drop ins
  • Group work programmes
  • Trips and residential trips
  • Support Groups
  • Social Action Projects