Mr McKenzie

Mr A McKenzie – BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH

Mr McKenzie joined Kings College from George Abbot in 2013 and is a qualified Advanced Skills Teacher, Specialist Leader of Education and former Head of English.

Mr McKenzie’s skillful leadership has ensured that students at Kings College experience expert instruction in the classrooms and high standards of behaviour at all times.


Mrs Robberts

Vice Principal
Mrs M Robberts – BA (Hons), NASENCO

Prior to teaching, Mrs Robberts spent time designing fabric for the fashion industry. Since moving into education she has built up experience in Pastoral Roles and Special Education Needs. Her expertise in supporting students with SEND has included delivering support to other schools, whilst enjoying teaching Art, Photography and Textiles. Mrs Robberts trained as a Senior Mental Health Lead in Summer 2022.


Mr Ferguson

Vice Principal
Mr D Ferguson – BA (Hons), MA, Teaching Leaders Fellowship

Mr Ferguson leads on all aspects of Quality of Education across the school, including Curriculum and Teaching and Learning. He has taught and led History at Kings from 2012-2021 and also teaches English and Maths. Mr Ferguson is passionate about driving student learning both at Kings and within schools in the wider community.


Miss Francis

Assistant Principal
Miss R Francis

Miss Francis leads on Behaviour and Rewards across the school as well as taking on the role of Pastoral Lead for Year 9. She has led PE and has been Co-ordinator of Wellbeing at her previous school.  She teaches PE and PSHE at Kings and takes pride in ensuring all students experience physical, mental and social development throughout their time at school.


Mr Stewart

Assistant Principal
Mr S Stewart – BA (Hons), B Ed, MA

Mr Stewart leads on Diversity and Equality, Mental Health Support, and Progress for vulnerable students across the school. In the past he has been Pastoral Lead for Year 11 and been responsible for whole school intervention. He teaches English and leads on Media Studies at Kings and is passionate about developing students academically, culturally and personally. .

Suzanne Allen Teacher of DT Food Tech
Elliott Bacon KS3 SENCO
Sophie Bain Teacher of Art
Harjinder Bhogal Teaching Assistant
Holly Bird HSLW
John Bramwell Teacher of History
Rebecca Brown Teaching Assistant
Le Var Cabey Teacher of Computer Science
Thomas Carroll Premises Manager
Haruka Cheetham HR Admin
David Chalmers Head of PE
Petula Chamberlain Office Manager and Senior Administrator
Sophie Cole HLTA
Stephanie Cronk Teacher of English
James Cushen Teacher of Geography, PE
Kerry Denslow Head of Geography,  KS4 SENCO Pastoral Lead Y10
Julie Denyer Teaching Assistant
Emma Du Toit Teacher of English
Zandri Els Teacher of Science
David Ferguson Vice Principal
Franco Fornasiero Teacher of Science
Rebecca Francis Assistant Principal, Pastoral Lead Y9
Natalia Gall Teaching Assistant
Jack George Teacher of Maths
Charlotte Gill Teacher of Geography
Matthew Gill HLTA
Lisa Greenwood Administration & Admissions Officer
Jeanette Hamilton Pastoral Lead Y7 & Y8,  Deputy DSL, Teacher of Geography, PE
Dagmara Hojak Teaching Assistant
Catherine Holmes Teacher of Maths
Jon Holmwood Head of Languages
Hannah Blezard Teacher of Performing Arts
Mandy Johnson School Assistant (Cloakroom)
Rosie Keohane Head of English
Oliver Kirby IT (Learning Partners)
Steve Kelly Premises Assistant
Lilly King Teacher of Spanish
Charlotte Knowles Teaching Assistant
Heather Laurie Assistant SENCO
Ed Le Brun Head of History
Nina Luck Teaching Assistant
Rebecca Maguire Senior Finance Officer
Hing Yin Mallard HLTA – Maths
Margareth Mayersbeth Teaching Assistant
Bruce Marshall HLTA DofE
Alastair McKenzie Principal
Annabel Morland Business Manager
Eve Moulton Teaching Assistant
Valerie Napper SEN Administrator
Kate Palmer Eikon
Jamie Pinder Teacher of Maths, DofE
Mary Phillips Teaching Assistant
Elena Plaice Head of Maths
Rachael Reeves Cover Manager
Emily Ridgley Aspirations Lead
Mollie Robberts Vice Principal, DSL
Anamaria Sabo HLTA
Ben Sayers Head of IT (Learning Partners)
Bridget Scott Exams Officer and Data Analysis
Marguerite Slatter Teaching Assistant
Juliette Snedden Associate Assistant Principal
Shawn Stewart Assistant Principal, Teacher of English and Media Studies
Brenda Sweeney Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner
Lucy Thompson Receptionist & Admin Assistant
Ines Toscano Teacher of Science
Nicole Ward Pastoral Lead Y11, Teacher of Science
Kerry Taylor-Oakey Attendance Officer
Dan Warrington Head of Science
Rebecca Whyatt Teaching Assistant
Ursula Williams Teacher of English
James Williams Head of Design Technology