** Year 11 Parents – To support you and your child in thinking about next steps please see a list of Open Evening events at Sixth Form and College providers over the next couple of months. We hope you will be able to attend some as you start to think about what comes next. **

We understand the importance of ensuring, that as parents and carers, you are able to be as fully involved with future options as possible. Therefore throughout your child’s time at Kings, there will be multiple opportunities for you to engage with the Aspirations Lead, attend events and see the work your child has been doing.

Parents’ Evening

You can book an appointment with Miss Ridgley as part of your parents’ evening appointments to discuss future options for your child, find out more about the activities your child is involved in and generally speak about school life and beyond. It is a great opportunity to take a moment to consider what the future could hold, whatever year they are in.

Tasters and Activities

Each year we run a series of tasters and activities for parents and carers to attend with their children. They provide an opportunity to try something new together, visit a university and learn something as a family. Sessions in the past have included learning how to bandage dogs in a veterinary taster, a gospel choir taster and the opportunity to cook a 3-course meal in a professional kitchen.

Invitations to programmes

There will be opportunities for parents to attend information evenings and celebration events as part of the bespoke programmes. These will be opportunities to see what the students have been doing as part of the programmes, gain more information and celebrate their success.


Throughout the year you may receive a ‘Finding Our Futures’ postcard through your letterbox. These postcards recognise students’ effort, participation and hard work during any trip or activity linked to the ‘Finding Our Futures’ programme.

To recognise your child’s involvement in extra-curricular activities, interventions and enrichment opportunities you will receive an ‘Experience Card’ alongside academic reports detailing what your child has been involved in and celebrating their participation.