Parents - Uniform

Kings College Uniform

Uniform helps provide a sense of community and belonging. We insist that all students take pride in their appearance and come to school in the correct uniform at all times. All belongings must be clearly marked with the student’s name to aid identification when found.

We have changed the way you order uniform; we no longer have a uniform shop on site. To order uniform please visit:

For information on DTP please see the information leaflet: Direct To Parent Guide

Delivery is free to school and these are made once a week. There is also the option of a home delivery at a cost of £4.50.

Cut-off date for orders – Wednesday
Delivery day to the school – Friday
Collection day for Parents – Monday

School Uniform List

  • Blazer  –  Kings College blue with Kings logo
  • Pullover  –  Plain grey v neck pullover
  • Cardigan  –  Plain grey cardigan
  • Shirt  –  Traditional shirt in white with short or long sleeves, and buttoned to the neck. Students are not permitted to wear fitted blouses.
  • Tie  –  Kings College tie
  • Trousers   –  Plain grey or black, straight legged and tailored fit. Skin tight style, leggings or jean material trousers are not permitted.
  • Skirt  –  Plain black woven fabric, pleated skirt only, and must be worn between lower thigh and knee length.
  • Belts  –  Plain black with small buckle
  • Tights  –  Plain black opaque or neutral
  • Shoes  – Plain black polishable shoes (no trainers or boots)

Please note that hoodies are not permitted.

Physical Education

Sports kit is all available from the school uniform shop and includes:

Compulsory school PE kit:

  • Navy blue Kings PE shirt
  • Navy and blue Kings long sleeved rugby top (Year 7 only)
  • Kings College navy sports shorts
  • Kings blue football socks in winter/spring (module 1-4)
  • White sports socks in summer (module 5-6)
  • Trainers
  • Football boots (moulded studs)

Recommended PE kit:

  • Kings College navy sports jumper
  • Kings College navy tracksuit bottoms


  • Kings Skort for girls
  • Kings leggings for girls

Students should not wear non Kings leggings, unless they are used as an under layer beneath shorts or sports trousers. If worn, they should be navy.

To help ensure the hygiene and safety of students, all students must wear the correct kit for PE lessons. Students who are unwell or injured are still required to wear the correct kit during lessons and have a note from their parent/carer.

Hair at school

We want our students to reflect the high standards of Kings College at all times. Hair must be neat and tidy, must not be dyed unnatural colours or be cut in severe styles. Tram lines are not acceptable


One small stud in each ear lobe; no other piercings allowed.

Standard of Dress

The school reserves the right to take appropriate action if a student attends wearing unsuitable or unsafe clothing. At Kings we take a pride in our school and appearance.

Requests for variations in uniform for religious or other reasons must be made in writing to the Principal.


Sanctions for failure to bring in PE kit

Students must always borrow spare kit when they forget their own PE kit. If a student is injured they must provide a note from their parents explaining the injury. Students will still need to get changed to offer assistance refereeing. Failure to borrow PE kit when offered will result in a behaviour log and a phone call home. Classroom teachers must always monitor kit on their registers:

• First time: Verbal warning.
• Second time: Phone call home to sort out an arrangement.
• Third time: Head of Department detention for 30 minutes FRIDAY after school.